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Volume 29, No. 2 Spring 2016

Tom Eyers, “Form and Formalization in Lukács”

Ben Parker, “History and Class Consciousness’s Theory of the Novel”

Robert Tally, “Lukács’s Literary Cartography: Spatiality and The Theory of the Novel”

Elvira Godek-Kiryluk, “Modernism in the Balance: György Lukács and John Dos Passos’ U. S. A.”

Ignacio Sanchez Prado, “Novel, War and the Aporia of Totality: Lukács’s Theory of the Novel and Azuela’s The Underdogs”

Jan Mieszkowski, “Realism and the Nondialectical Sentence”

Joshua Clover on Elson et al, Value: The Representation of Labour in Capitalism

Sarah Brouillette on Dave Beech, Art and Value

Juliana Spahr on Jason W. Moore Capitalism in the Web of Life